Virtual magic is here to stay

Are you looking for an original and meaningful way to thank your team? What about hosting a fun team-building event? Or, maybe you're looking for an interactive way to entertain your clients and their families from the comfort of their own homes?

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High quality studio setup

Virtual magic shows are presented with a professional-grade studio setup - direct cable high speed internet for a smooth video, three-point studio lighting, external rode microphones, and multiple HD cameras. Mike will make you the star of the show! You can learn a magic trick of your own that you can hold onto for life and dazzle your friends and family. How? Check out the video below

Highly skilled close-up magician with more than 15 years of experience.
Over 1000 virtual magic shows performed.
Got someone in the team you want to single out for a special personalised trick? Magic Mike has got you covered.
Professional and reliable service with a strong track record of satisfied clients.

Abracadabra AlakaZOOM!

Virtual magic shows are here to stay and Magic Mike’s fun and cheeky personality definitely shines through during his online magic shows. Since 2020, Mike has performed hundreds of virtual shows, gettingused to little sleep and waking up at all hours for shows for companies in Europe and America, he's well trained to have a newborn.

You'll be amazed

Magic Mike's virtual magic shows are flexible in terms of duration, and he can tailor the content for all ages - even add personalised touches based on your company. They're perfect for those working from home that want to have a team social event and also get their families involved in the online entertainment. And despite the clever name, an AlakaZoom virtual magic show works perfectly on Microsoft Teams, Google Meets and Slack... as well as Zoom.

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What Magic Mike’s audiences have to say

“I've been to Mars but havent seen anything like that!”
Matt Damon
Academy Award Winner
"Crikey that was good"
Scott Cam
Gold Logiest
"Beautifully Done! Can you show me how you did that"
Penn & Teller
Real Wizards
"Do you take apprentices? Happy to be Magic Mike #2”
Michael "Wippa" Wipfli
Radio Funny Guy

Have a read of some of Magic Mike’s 500+ 5 Star Reviews

Have a read of some of Magic Mike’s 5 Star Reviews on his Zoom magic

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