Can I pay by credit card / AMEX?

Yes payments can be paid by debit or credit card, as well as a direct bank transfer. We will provide you a link for payment along with the invoice. All credit card payments come with a 1.9% processing fee.

What happens to my deposit if we have to cancel?

If the cancellation is due to government mandated shutdowns within a month we will hold onto the deposit for you as full credit for you to use in the next 6 months. Otherwise if you prefer we will return 50% of the deposit back.

I see some on your website, but do you have any more links to clips of you performing?

Roaming Magic at a Birthday Party in Manly
Youtube - Roaming Magic at Sydney Party (5 mins)

A Trick for you at home (watch this and let us know if it works for you)
Instagram - I'll Guess The Card You're Thinking Of (1 min)

Close up Magic with Pat Cummins + Hamish & Andy
Youtube - Magic With Pat Cummings, Hamish & Andy (2 mins)

It looks fun but honestly how can I trust you? You're a sneaky magician. Where can I see some people's reviews?

Great point. Don't take our word for it. Here are over 400 5-star reviews you can trust instead.

Can you tailor any specific magic tricks for the event?

Yes. For example if you can send us a photo of someone who will be at the event, Magic Mike can prepare and create a specific trick tailored for them. This always goes down a treat!

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