Unforgettable stage magic

Magic Mike will transform any event into an unforgettable spectacle with stage magic that combines artistry, grandeur, and sheer amazement. Stage magic is an experience that leaves a lasting imprint of wonder and enchantment on your audience. Witness the delight and astonishment on your guests' faces as they become part of the performance.

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Something unique, everyone will remember

Magic Mike's precision, artistry, and theatrical grandeur will leave your audience spellbound and energised - deliver an unforgettable experience to set your event apart.

Mike's charming and confident stage presence delights audiences.
Mike will invite multiple guests to join him on the stage and can be tailored to have specific guests you may want involved
Mike will bring cameras to generate close ups of his performance projected on monitors in the room.
Mike's stage show is well polished after of experience performing on stages around the world and on television shows.

Stage magic for corporate events

'But my workplace is very formal', we hear you say. Well, most corporate events are formal... and they can stay that way.

Successful corporate events must follow the principle of the Three Fs: Formal, Functional and Fun. So, if you have an important corporate event, with important people attending, why not make it truly memorable! Magic Mike will effortlessly elevate any corporate event, setting the tone with his charming wit and humour all while delivering an interactive magic show that will blow people's minds, energising them for a fabulous night ahead.

Electrify them

Unite your guests in wonder and laughter, then keep them talking long after the show's over.

Whether you're a corporate client aiming to captivate an entire audience, or a private party host looking to create a memorable experience for your guests, Mike's stage magic adds that buzz of electricity that sets your event apart. There's a reason Australia's most renowned brands and recognised celebrities choose Magic Mike to entertain.

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What Magic Mike’s audiences have to say

“I've been to Mars but havent seen anything like that!”
Matt Damon
Academy Award Winner
"Crikey that was good"
Scott Cam
Gold Logiest
"Beautifully Done! Can you show me how you did that"
Penn & Teller
Real Wizards
"Do you take apprentices? Happy to be Magic Mike #2”
Michael "Wippa" Wipfli
Radio Funny Guy

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