Your wedding day should be magical

Your guests are going to need some quality wedding entertainment - yes your father-in-law's embarrassing stories will kill, but until then your friends and family will need something fresh and unique, something to get the party going.

Often couples regret overlooking their wedding entertainment. Surveys in wedding magazines suggest the number one thing couples would change about their wedding is to give more attention to the day’s entertainment. A roaming magician will cover all your bases.

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Magic Mike gets the fun started

Lots of couples choose Magic Mike to entertain guests as the reception gets underway - while the wedding party are having photos taken. Mike's roaming magic brings people together in laughter and awe, setting the tone for a wedding to remember.

Highly skilled close-up magician with more than 15 years' experience.
Mike's Magic will break the ice for your cousins, work mates and the mates from school you felt you had to invite.
Highly recommends a 5 minute all in trick at the reception - will get the entire room involved and the party started!
The close up magic will involve multiple groups and will result in guests introducing themselves to each other.

Enter roaming magician Magic Mike

Roaming magic is the perfect ice-breaker, especially when not all your guests know each other. And it's not obtrusive, if that's a concern. Magic Mike looks like a guest - acts like a guest - just with magical powers.

He'll make your guests question everything they ever knew about magic, showing them the most fun they can have (while wearing clothes). You'll hear the laughs and the gasps of awe all the way from your photo shoot and relax knowing the party's getting started.

Relax and enjoy the entertainment

Thankfully, Magic Mike’s tricks and wedding entertainment last longer than Uncle Steve’s stories that start with ‘Hey, you know what’s crazy??’ (spoiler alert: it’s not) So, no matter how long it takes you to get your Blue Steel right for the photographer, you'll know your wedding entertainment is sorted as Magic Mike’s guarantees your guests will have an unforgettable day.

And when you finish with your photos, you can join in the fun because Magic Mike will stick around to add a bit of dazzle to your reception too. So, apart from looking sexy in your wedding photos, you’ll also be remembered as the cool couple who had that awesome wedding magician on their special day.

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What Magic Mike’s audiences have to say

“I've been to Mars but havent seen anything like that!”
Matt Damon
Academy Award Winner
"Crikey that was good"
Scott Cam
Gold Logiest
"Beautifully Done! Can you show me how you did that"
Penn & Teller
Real Wizards
"Do you take apprentices? Happy to be Magic Mike #2”
Michael "Wippa" Wipfli
Radio Funny Guy

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